Monday, September 2, 2013

Why self-publishing authors should participate in e-book marketing before investing in printing contracts

Books you think will sell can disappoint you. It is very difficult to judge which books will sell and which will not sell.  So before locking yourself into a financial investment, it is a wise decision to test the market. I suggest testing the waters by formatting your manuscript in e-book format and marketing it on or Barnes and before committing to a printed book.

Sometimes the book's cover design or title can hold your sales back, while other times it can be the way you present your content. E-book can be edited and updated on marketing sites with no consequence to the author. So it is a great idea to evaluate your book's potential before investing in press cost..


  1. Publishing trends change so quickly it is hard to keep up with it all. But don't feel alone, all authors are frustrated trying to keep by with the rules.