Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Writer's Dream: The Kindle

Amazon offers two exclusive services that no other device offers, an assigned e-mail address and access to a website,

The assigned e-mail address enables you to send documents with doc, docx, txt, html, or pdf extensions to your kindle via an e-mail attachment. The document attachment will transfer into the Doc folder on your Kindle’s main screen. Documents do not contain font-size adjustment capability. But, if you insert “convert” in the e-mail subject line, the document will be converted into e-book format which enables font-size control. The e-book formatted document will transfer to the Kindle Carousel instead the Doc folder. Sending final formatted e-books via Kindle e-mail is also a great way to test and edit completed e-books.

Amazon also provides the Kindle user with internet space to store highlights and notes. Simply highlight phrases or sections of an e-book that you are reading and they will automatically be saved to your assigned webpage. You can then retrieve your highlights and notes by going to and signing-in using your amazon username and password.

The assigned email and storage site features are a must for writers and researchers. Simple compile your research information into one document and e-mail it to your Kindle to read at your convenience or highlight information in an e-book you are reading on the Kindle and retrieve it from  your allotted webspace. In other words, carry your Kindle with you and work anywhere, anytime. 

Purchase:  “Everything You Need to Know About the Kindle “
E-book format:                   $5.00
Printed book with CD:      $10.00

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Quick Response Codes

Quick Response Codes

When a barcode scanner takes a picture of a QR barcode from a smartphone or device such as a Kindle, the user is linked to an email address, website, or phone number. The barcode can be inserted in a newspaper, magazine, brochure, business card, product package, billboard, on clothing, etc. Simply take a picture of the code with a barcode reader and you will be directed to whatever information has been inserted in the barcode.

Thus, when you download a free Barcode reader such as Red Laser, Barcode Scanner, or QR Scanner to your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry, Kindle,  iPad, or other device that has a camera >take a picture of the barcode>you will be  instantly linked to the email address, website, or phone number that is embedded in the barcode.

Go to one of the many quick response code sites>, insert information>download your free barcode in tif, jpeg, png, or html format.


Monday, September 2, 2013

Why self-publishing authors should participate in e-book marketing before investing in printing contracts

Books you think will sell can disappoint you. It is very difficult to judge which books will sell and which will not sell.  So before locking yourself into a financial investment, it is a wise decision to test the market. I suggest testing the waters by formatting your manuscript in e-book format and marketing it on or Barnes and before committing to a printed book.

Sometimes the book's cover design or title can hold your sales back, while other times it can be the way you present your content. E-book can be edited and updated on marketing sites with no consequence to the author. So it is a great idea to evaluate your book's potential before investing in press cost..